What do we buy?  We buy all kinds of stuff but we don’t buy everything.  

We really want to buy everything but we can’t.  Do you know why?  Because we can’t sell everything!  But we will buy what we can sell.  Belee dat.

We pay $$ CASH $$ or store credit. Your choice.  With store credit you get an extra ten percent. We make house calls for large collections. Large collections is defined as more than would fit in a car. The more valuable your collection is worth, the more we will pay.

We love CDs.  We’re named CD Trader.  It’s our bread and butter.  Please bring us your CDs. We typically pay between $1-$2 for CDs. Rare CDs, Out of Print CDs, box sets, imports, autographed CDs and the like will be given greater consideration and we will gladly pay more for CDs that we can sell for more than our average sale prices.

We love DVDS.  There’s nowhere else around where you’ll find the amazing selection of DVDS that we have.  Please bring us your DVDS! We typically pay between $1-$2 for DVDs. Rare and out of print DVDS, foreign films, arthouse films, arrow video, shout factory, criterion and other such DVDS will be given greater consideration and fetch more $$

Blu-Rays - they were the hottest thing since sliced bread, now they’re not.  We still buy them.  We love Blu-Rays.  Please bring us your Blu-Rays! Most Blu-Rays fetch about $2. Rare and out of print Blu-Rays, foreign films, arthouse films, arrow video, twilight time, shout factory, criterion and other such Blu-Rays will be given greater consideration and fetch more $$ 4K Blu-rays will typically fetch $2-$6 per title.  Please bring us your 4K Blu-Rays!

Don’t let our name fool you.  We buy and sell thousands of records!  We love records.  Please bring us your record collections.

The price range for vinyl is very wide.  We could pay anywhere from 50 cents to $1000 depending on what you bring us.  There is no record too expensive, no collection too big. We want your vinyl. The better it is, the more we want it.  The more rare and collectible it is, the more we want it.

*A few notes on what we buy.   We really want to buy great collections.  We will look at anything, but please don’t get mad at us if we can’t buy what you have.  It is absolutely not personal.  We will buy everything that we can sell. That is why we are here.  The more we are able to sell it, the more likely we will buy it. We love big collections, small collections, record industry collections. DJ collections, radio station collections, publishers collections. your aunt and uncle’s collection, and your collection. No collection is too big!  Please bring us your stuff.   You can bring it in any time, no appointment necessary. CALL NOW! 818-705-3544 

**** WE HAVE EXPANDED OUR STORE HOURS! We are open everyday! 

HOURS: MONDAY THROUGH SATURDAY, 10 am until 8 pm and on SUNDAY, 10 am until 7 pm. PLEASE NOTE as with any other retail store MASKS ARE REQUIRED. Please observe social distancing requirements. We are open 24/7 on our online storefronts and are adding to those inventories daily.  

Questions? Give us a call: (818) 705-3544
We answer the phone! No phone trees or artificial intelligence customer service.
Or email us! And Sign Up to be notified about storewide sales!  

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